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Hola Amigos,

I created a game, its a dodge ball game. 1st level 20 points. User play game and score 15 points out 20… A pop dailouge shows the result ( you have score 15 out 20) but i want to display a video ad before the pop up result dailouge. To this basically i need something to wait 3-4 seconds show ads then result

This is not an earning app

First load the ad(early?) and show when you need it.

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I think you can find a proper solution by searching in the community.
But not with 3minute read time.
It shows that you lack reading.
You have joined just 1 hour ago so spend time in reading:heart:
And this one

It is good to say β€˜Hello Friends’ ( translation from Spanish to English ) but according to community guidelines English is official language.


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