Wallpaper app problem

i make wallpaper app using aia file
when i change the package name the app not view the photos from my cloud but when i put the default package name the photos work very well i don’t know where is the problem and can’t change package name like this maybe the problem in grid view extension
can you help me because i finish all just this problem

You should give more details. If the problem with extention You should talk to the devloper who create this extention

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can you send to me this extention if you have it i already creat everything but the aia fille i have the grid view extention in it not show photos if i change the package name so if you have this extention can you send it to me :slight_smile:

the problem is GridCardView extention i have to buy it if i wanna change package name … that what i understand

because that extension is paid and you need to buy that.