Wallpaper Component. How can I make the home wallpaper look properly?

I am having an error with my wallpaper application and I am using the wallpapers component.

The wallpaper of the lock screen is perfect, but the one set in the Home is stretched too much and does not look as it should.

It should be noted that this only happens on devices where the screen is more elongated, in my case the screen is 2340x1080 resolution.

The wallpaper component should scale the image to the width and height automatically and look perfect. In image 1 I show the screen of the lock screen, and in image 2 I show how it is configured in the Home screen.

The home screen should look like the lock screen. I keep an eye on what I can do to fix it. From this moment I also tell you that I already did the essay using different screen resolutions, but everything remains the same

Image_1 Image_2