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i am using web component to get an image from web and then i am storing it into a tinydb
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then i have set a button to set the wallpaper using the wallpaper component

The wallpaper is successfully changed but the problem is that the wallpaper is set as scrollable by default which i dont want it to be
here is the wallpaper set by the wallpaper component

My phone is Redmi note 8 pro android 10 screen size (1080x2340)
the size of this wallpaper is (2160x3840)

Now if i use the stock gallery of my phone to change the wallpaper then this happens

This is exactly what i want my app to do


Some phones come with a daily wallpaper changer app preinstalled that keeps changing the wallpaper on the lock screeen and even prevents my app from changing the lock screen wallpaper
i think that i will need to set up some kind of listener for wallpaper change event so that whenever the pre installed app changes the lockscreen or the homescreen wall then my app will change it again
But i am expecting suggestions as i think that will be battery consuming.


Lets say i received an image from a web component which is 1080x2340 in size and i want to resize it to 720x1280 so that i can show the image in my wallpaper app cuz right now all of my wallpapers are of 1080x2340 so if i were to show them side by side to each other in row then the app crashes with runtime error of RAM allocation
That will be all, ps i am new to app building

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You can disable change wallpaper everyday in the pre installed app.Check this

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Yes but don’t you think that asking users to do that will not be a good experience as most of them are not tech savvy and nobody wants to give their users headache
An app should offer a seamless transition between various processes
If there is an option to do it inside my app that i think would be more reliable

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I agree.But we cannot disable other app’s features with our.But you can make the app set the wallpaper that is chosen in your app whenever it is opened by the user.

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Try to scale image

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there is a way ,make your app show a uninstall dialog if user accept that app is removed

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thanks for getting back back to me i appreciate that a lot nut how can i pass the image qualities from my app to the wallpaper component

i mean how do i let the wallpaper component lnow that set the wallpaper unscrollable

I’ve never tried.
May be u can set scale to Centrr or Fit_Centre
You can ask @zainulhassan and see tutorial is on Zainul’s YouTube channels

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okay i will watch the videos but can you suggest me how to establish communication between wallpaper component and the image extension you mentioned
Thanks in advance you have been very helpfull

You’re welcome
happy coding

I’m on vacation. maybe another time.

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sure but please do not forget to reply and happy holidays @sugarlesscreator

the app which changes my wallpapers is a system app and cant be uninstalled using activity starter
is there any way to create a type of listener for wallpaper change event so that whenever the system app changes the wallpaper my app will counter it with the wallpaper

i am making a wallpaper app so i want the user to use my app for changing wallpaper only once

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I guess you can try WallpaperManager.addOnColorsChangedListener(android.app.WallpaperManager.OnColorsChangedListener listener, android.os.Handler handler), not sure how effective it will be though since Kodular apps cannot run in the background.

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as @hammerhai said above work on it also don’t forgot your app will not only listen to the change of wallpaper but even make a backgroundd task as you mentioned

you also need to counter it in background (the user won’t visit the app always he/she visit once you will always counter) so use

for background tasks

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I have fixed the scrollability issue
here is quick fix for future solution seekers
Use images with resolutions matching with your device
as my device has length=2340 and breadth = 1080
your image should be in the same constraints
if you dont want to do this then you will have to find a way to resize a 4k image to user’s mobile resolution either by using some api or actually resizing it


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