:blush: Hello, I wanted to introduce the new apk to you. This is a demo, I would appreciate it if you download and test it and write a bug.

Paper (2).apk (8.8 MB)


It would be better not to use languages other than English.


Ä°ngilizce dışındaki diller komĆ¼nitede uygun değildir.

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okay thanks

Hi @muratcan_bkr , the english language is the community official language, so please translate your posts, so others can understand, too :slightly_smiling_face:

You fix it.

I added it said remove it said I removed it @anon99782588
@Mohamed_Tamer :smiley:

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What is app/game about?
Give more details. What does it do?
Did you used any extension? etc

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