Wallpaper Request?

Hi There! I am creating a Wallpaper app and I am wondering if you’d like to join in on it and have your wallpaper featured? You will be given full credit in the description of the wallpaper and you can even have your own name for it. If you do want to have a wallpaper featured that you made, PM me and I will see what I could do :smiley: Have fun and have a great summer.



Sneak peek #2:

It doesn’t fully show like on the desktop version… I will be adjusting that however it may not work because, if I we’re to adjust to device width and height, it’d be scrunched together.

Material wallpapers are soooooo gool :heart_eyes_cat:

Project has been removed

Noooooo :sob:
so sad :crying_cat_face:

It was only because, of the lack of them being sent (0) so I didnt do it

Don’t be sad though, I’m working on Artificial Intelligence or an Assistant with Makeroid right now, which is already almost ready :smiley: