Wallpaper set problem

Can’t see any issues with image quality from your demo aia, what phone do you have?


I have Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro
I have test my app in other device like Samsung galaxy S4 , J 7 , S6 , J 5 , Xiaomi redmi 5 pro etc.
And I have find the image quality issue .

Please see the screenshot

any help…

Use Activity Starter for set wallpaper

Sorry I was busy with something else, I will try to take a look later today


Tested and I also get blurred image, the only thing I can think of is this

I get same value for Width and Height and thereby some calculations might be wrong when image gets squeezed

@KodularCreator something to take a look at


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Is the original image square?

No it is not


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The dimensions of the original image are 900x1600px.

I thought exactly the same as Boban.

sir, in appybuilder working properly.:slightly_smiling_face:

Sir I Have same Problem Of Wallpaper App Please Help Me.
When I Download Or Share The Image The Quality of Image Is Fine , But When I Set As Wallpaper using Wallpaper Component Then The Wallpaper Quality Is Very Low .
Please Help Kodular Team

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Does not work properly so use this


Error name Is error 601 : No corresponding Activity Is Founded

Sir I use Activity Starter As Soon In Image but When I Download the image the Image Not Set in Wallpaper And notifier come With the error …

How about using the right Activity Action

So what I Do Now

Ñow I am using this Method .but In This method After Downloading . The Notifier Come To Select Where U Want To Use The Image In Wallpaper , in What’s app Profile Etc . but When I Click On Wallpaper Then again The Notifier Come Which Says That Cannot Load The Image
Now what Can I Do Now
Please Help @Boban @ kodular

Please Help Anyone

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Please use some other tools to provide us with screenshots and not from mobile camera

Secondly provide us with Do it of your image path, Tip 4 App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


Hey When I Use Activity Starter To Set Wallpaper Then It showed the error Through Notifier written as Cannot Load the image … which I also attached with it and the blocks image also … Now Team Kodular etc please tell me How can I remove this error From my application . IMG_20191116_220137

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