Wallpaper set problem

When I set wallpaper from a link 708 error comes
And set wallpaper quality is very bad (low quality)
What can I do…

Show Your Blocks…

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Just set the size of wallpaper .

How can I do that…

show your blocks then i can help you @hossenelman

the error says that either height or width or both are set to <=0 which is not allowed, have a look towards the block or share them here

When I set wallpaper from canvas the error
Not show . But the wallpaper quality is very
Dad . So I try to set wallpaper from download path , this time the errors come and the wallpaper quality is very very bad .

I have search for wallpaper extension that can set wallpaper with high quality . But I can’t find…

So Now I am using activity starter to set wallpaper with high quality.

Please improve wallpaper compartment to set wallpaper with high quality HD or 4K support .

Do you have a sample/demo aia that we can take a look at


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I will give tomorrow morning

@hossenelman Is your file a .png file? Also, how large is it?

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2-4 MB…

demo.aia (2.2 KB)

i have fix the error but image quality problem is present, help me from demo aia file

Can’t see any issues with image quality from your demo aia, what phone do you have?


I have Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro
I have test my app in other device like Samsung galaxy S4 , J 7 , S6 , J 5 , Xiaomi redmi 5 pro etc.
And I have find the image quality issue .

Please see the screenshot

any help…

Use Activity Starter for set wallpaper

Sorry I was busy with something else, I will try to take a look later today


Tested and I also get blurred image, the only thing I can think of is this

I get same value for Width and Height and thereby some calculations might be wrong when image gets squeezed

@KodularCreator something to take a look at


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Is the original image square?