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Amplify Store

Describe your app:

An App Store for Android devices that allow you to upload your ßeta, αlpha or even your Public APK to the databases and then give users your invite code, then they can join and install your app along with that you can get dislikes, likes, and comments, you may also have your invite code advertised if you add that into your PM to me. It also allows the user to install the latest version of your app when it notices a change in version. Here’s a short sneakpeek below :wink:


More Coming Soon as well :smirk:

App Store/Download link:

Coming Soon… However, start sending me APK’s you would like in it and the invite code, along with that, include your logo, description, developer name, category, and current version, along with package name. This will be updated when it’s fully released to the Public :wink: Which may be soon.

I and @FUTUREDEV have worked on this together and it’s still in progress however I think we did pretty good as a team, also we need translators… If you translate some stuff for us, you might get credits added too your account :wink: Maybe that’s why I asked for a feature @pavi2410


I’m sooooo impatient, it looks so good <3


I’m working on it now, to have it finished by the end of July… All the work I did today because, I made more for myself I have set a deadline for this Friday… I just got done redesigning the Sign In and Sign Up page :wink:, another Sneakpeek tomorrow… Don’t worry, or you can translate, get extra credit and sneakpeeks earlier


Cool ! So I will be there to translate :wink:


One user has already started, and you can too start today. Just PM me and we’ll talk :wink:


Sneak peek #2

You can start guessing today!

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Isnt this like for what we created the Makeroid Store?


No, @FUTUREDEV started before, it’s on the Thunkable community, he asked if I wanted to help and I said yes… Here βeTheTester - Test beta apps - #ShareYourApps - Thunkable Community

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Hey guess what, it’s 1 AM here for me which means it’s another day:

Yes its possible but, what feature could it be for?

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