Want Navigation Box / Minimap in Block Editor

want Navigation box shown like this. it can be very helpful for all users. who uses large number of blocks in block editor…

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I would add that any sort of block management tools would be great.

Find variables not used
Find functions not called
Groups, etc.

Nice call @akshay_gadekar . Currently I just zoom really far out, and I try to keep organized.

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You already created I want topic. So you don’t need to open another voting option. Because this topic has already a voting system.

Is it possible to add Navigation Box?

Maybe @Vishwas is here the right person to give a answer? :upside_down_face:

Not sure if it’s possible given how blockly works, but we’ll see what we can do.

i don’t know more about technical, but i can give you idea how it can be possible.

we are now able to download blocks as image. so you can use that image for navigator Box background. add moveable view box(blue box) over it. and link that box(Blue Box) movement percentage to scroll of blockly.

I don’t know how it can be done by programming. but you can think about it.

This is called a “Mini-map”. There is a demo already available by the Blockly team showcasing it.

Hope that we add it in the future.

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Nice you got right pavi2410.
@Vishwas This is the perfect source for work on this.

Here is the right solutionBlockly Demo: Minimap

He also explained with Workspace & Scrollbar Source Codes

by K-ran Here :point_down:

@Kodular Also Expecting Update Regarding Minimap/Block Navigation for Blocks

Because it’s very useful for all creators.

& Also Thanks for Kodular Eagle Update I Loved Latest Interface & Specially Copy/Cut Component option in Designer…