Want paid promotion?

Hi koders i am a app developer i have my apps on playstore i can promote your apps and website [paid] i get daily new 4k downloads on playstore which are organic

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What is your app about? how many active users both daily and monthly. You must provide more information to the community so that other developers could decide based on their interest whether to partner with you or not.

You should share your app URL and active users statistics. Downloads are not a relevant metric if the users leave the app.


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Who will you be promoting to? How long will the promotion last? What is the size of your target audience, their ages, location etc? How much will it cost?

There are people out there who can promote apps to tens of millions of people based in the West, on multiple websites, blogs, stores, social media sites etc, for as little as $150 per week. How do you compare to this?

Also, what is the standard of your English? It seems poor going by your first post.

Where can I find this?

Contact me in pm if you want