Want these extensions,can anyone make them

I want to know,can anyone develop these extensions?

  1. Gauge measurement extension
  2. Facebook login extension (Up-to-date)


How much will you pay for them?

Let you offer me if can accept that should be done.

Maybe this?

Thank you @vknow360
I already have joined with nikzdevz the extension developer ,but it did not up-to-date yet.
Also,I already have talked about cost to update but I want to know from others so that they can give good offer price.
For gauge extension this’s not found yet.

Please elaborate a more about this.

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Okay,like this I have got the images from internet.
I want to use for temperature,humidity and others measurement which min and max values are 0-100 or can change less than or more than.
I want to show on dashboard.

2565-04-30 20_17_49-GaugeDendritas.png (1432×854)




Oh ok same like I have got from www thank you @Boban

For this link already has been closed as you said

Thanks @Boban

@vknow360 if you can do gauge extension with half circle graph same previous images that try to offer me cost

I am not sure about how long will it take me to build it.
So, here is the JS library which is needed:

Thank you @vknow360 ,this mean I have to use the js script on web page and connect that page through web viewer component from kodular,is this right?

Hello could you make an extension of the archive site? you would help people a lot here with this extension, archive.io it is a storage of photos, videos files and etc but the good thing about it is that it is unlimited so you would help many from here on kodular

hi, why is my gauge not showing anything? i want to ask on forum but i can’t

No extension needed, just use the canvas and drawArc/drawText


in the example above the canvas has pixel dimensions of 300w x 200h


i’ll try it. thank you so much!

i want to use Firebase as an input for my circular progress but i still don’t understand with it. can you help me to fix the block?

this is the result. 8 is value from the realtime database.

What do you want it to look like ?

You have set the sweep angles to 360 so you will get a circle, and you start the sweep at 0/360, so that is where it starts from.

ok. but the point of my question is how to use realtime database as an input on the circular