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Was converting music app into dynamic pdf book so i just deleted music player screen and place extended webviewer in that… Everything is going fine but when i try to open book this show me this error

The error message tells it clear. Look at your web address. It is completely borked.

i have tried other links also , same adress is working fine at other app but not working in this

remove https:// from your URL

same error name not resolved

Url is wrong. Post here one url that you use in your app or show us your blocks how you create that url

im using this url

this is my webwiewer screen which im using

this is my category screen blocks
blocks (2) blocks (1)

this was music app i am coverting to multidynamic pdf book app and im new so cant understand where am i doinng mistake Music_Player (1).aia (2.0 MB)

Change blocks in Music

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Or change this block in Screen1, just set start value to get only url

this is only for trending what about other categories

I do not know how you store data in airtable but now you know what caused the problem and you can deploy the code according to your needs

i did this , this is onlly working for trending category

I tested Anatomy for example and no data is received from airtable. Are tables names correct?

checck histology in songs by artist category
not yet added anatomy

Try this

Music_Player_1.aia (2.0 MB)

okay let me check

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trending and songs by artist is working so much fine now , now i added anatomy in songs by category same issue happening with that

also app is crashing again and again restarting