Want to change or update app or upload content without updating it

I want to make a app that is changeable by me and should appear the change to all the other user downloaded the app anyone can help me or provide solution for it

Use firebase…
And if you haven’t done it before, then sorry, I can’t help.

Can you make aia file that can show me how to do that firebase i know firebase but dont know to update please anybody can help

:point_up_2: coz, I don’t have time.

How to do it depend on how your app works.

An easy way to do this (only work in some cases) is to create a webview for the content that you want to change. This webview can be a page on the internet or to be offline but you can download a new page every time.

Or you can use an online db to update whatever settings you want, change images, videos, etc. It is almost impossible to help with this problem without knowledge about the app.

depends on what changes you make in your app … in the case of the PlayStore, upload an Instant App

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I did never try it, but I don’t think it is possible to make instant apps with kodular.

And as the instant apps don’t need to be installed to work some things may not work as push notifications for example. May be it is just me but as a developer I don’t like the instant apps. I think they are good for the users only. Unless the dev make an instant app with only some functions that the user can test but have to install the app to use all the functions.

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