Want to know about media hosting

Someone please tell me.I want to store films in the media server and want to run to my app.how to possible it? And what media server site should I buy.? Tell me please.

You have license of the film’s to display in your app.

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Yes,but I want to know where it will store and run in my app.

@ramrajput200021 have you any idea to store the data? Please tell me.

You can use Cloudinary to store short films but I don’t try it to store films in it, I have just used to store images.

@ramrajput200021 I had already used it…ok I will check the paid version.
Is there any media server that provide API?

May be it will help you to purchase domain with storage facility or other user can help you more on this topic.

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It depends on size of media and quality.
Your movie is short film min 14 mins or large

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@ShaikhSajidAli i want to store large file i.e full movies.

How will you get licence for full movies
For that it cost more for best streaming

@ShaikhSajidAli what should i do and what should i buy?,broo i have a contract with the production house.

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Which Production House ?

@ramrajput200021 its not a big company.i have a friend he run the production house.

please any one tell me where i store the data and run to my app.

Buy vps server from any hosting provider.
Like Bluehost


You just need video link, don’t matter where is store. Better to search Google for this and purchase the offer which fits with your plans.

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Thank you very much all.

Also Firebase is integrated.

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