Want to know: chatview different between component/file message

hellocoomunity i wanted to know what is the different between this two components. and i wanted to know which type of files i can upload. What is thumbnail and what should i put in there is no information in the block editor for this…
If anybody knows that it would be nice if you give me this answer thank you.

Next time show first what you have tried so far.

Component Message:
Show any component you want as message.

File Message:
Just a normal message with a preview image of a file.

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sorry i see your reply just now, dont know why. Thanks for you answer, i dont said that i tried something with that block, i wanted to know the differentt. of this two object. Know i know that the file chat view is for files and now i know how to use that block because i didnt know what is thumbnail.What can i do with component msg i dont understand what the arrangment should do in the chat view. Can you explain me pls what this should be or what i can do with that.I can just sent msg and img now with gallery and cam without a porblem. i think to send files to will be not a problem to implement but i dont know if i should do that because of data limit. i dont know how to regulate the sitze of the uploading file. Maybe some users are tricky and load up some GB of files. This will make me out of range of my account. So maybe this is a nice feature for a update. To regulate the upload size for a max.
Thank you man