Want to know some information for getting data from different application without permission

I need some information. When i installing facebook ads application into my device and open it.
It shows me my current login facebook account name. How it is possible?
Facebook ads application don’t ask for any permission even i checked it from app info.
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But how it works?:thinking:
Do you know that or can be find any hidden logic :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance

Change your topic title to something that makes more sense please. It should reflect the question.


I changed it.

I guess it’s because they share the same database. It’s like Google, a single Gmail account and has access to all its services. Now, if you wonder how your name appeared there without logging in, well … Facebook may have your Facebook account linked to your device ID

I understood that.
But without any permission granted how to they get data from my device?

is it possible to share same database using sqlite without any permission?

They didn’t get data from your device (local) as far I know. Looks like you are already logged into your Facebook account from app or browser. And they are already storing your login IP (or/and MAC address, I’m not sure). So they can learn you easily with just simple web request.

A full network access permission can do that. This is not a basic permission which you can enable/disable from Settings since every app requests internet connection if they are working online.

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as per i know, ip address or mac address is not unique every identifier. Or factory reset may change ip/mac address every time. So there is chance for mismatching data between users . There maybe something other logic implemented.

Wi-Fi MAC address are based on ROMs and after factory reset it won’t change. However some ROMs are changing it by generating and randomizing each time when Wi-Fi is turned on to protect user’s privacy.

And for IP, it changes if you are using Dynamic IP after you disconnect and reconnect from Wi-Fi, but your base IP doesn’t change because it is coming from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). And your IP is not your IP, you are just using it.

Who knows?



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I just want to know about this logic, that’s why i created a topic another forum. If someone getting touch of this idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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