Want to make a list without using if block after getting value from firebase

hello koders
In the image I am using If get tag=BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, Is there any way in which I can add the got value in a Variable as a list without using mentioned block.

I am using dynamic components for this project so I want whenever I add or delete any tag in my firebase project, It should be update automatically

There will be a another block which says when firebase data got changed.

Kindly use that event block in wich you just add these blocks(above blocks used in when firebase got value) once again also do not forget to add set global url to create empty list before you creating the list.

Also since you are creating dynamic cards based on tag lists, you must set delete the created dynamic cards before you to create once again.

You set blocks to get value or get tag list when firebase data got changed

actually the concern is not about data change. I want to make a list of got value in global URL variable without mention by - if get tag is Battleground mobile india
how much tags was there in firebase database the app will add the value of all tag as a list in the variable like I did for got tag in my previous topic
when user will open the app then need to add all the value of all tag as a list in the variable

But you have added the dynamic card creation procedure in when firebase got tag value.

So you just move the procedure into when firebase got tag list block and copy paste the same block from when firebase got value to firebase data got changed

Move the procedure into got tag list block, then copy paste the all blocka into data got changed and try. Also add create empty list. Else you will get multiple times same value again and again

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