Want to make match the word game

I want to make match the pair game. In which student will draw line to match the word to picture. I searched tutorial for this but I found nothing. What logic should be use to make it ?
I am not professional developer. I am teacher so I don’t have any idea how to make it ? With the help of community member I made two reading app. Now I want to make it. So please kindly help me.

This ?

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But it should tell it is correct or not ?
ball.png bat
man.png cat
bat.png ball
cat.png man

Record an audio : “oh no it’s not correct”.

and another audio:
“congratulations, you got it right”

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Which block should use to make this ?

I used canvas in the first example… in the second one use the drag and drop extension (I’ll look at it when I get home)



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Thanks for kind reply.

Can you share blocks please ?