Want To Upload An App On Playstore!

I Don’t Have Play Console Account Due To Payment Method .
If Anybody Want To Upload My App .
PM Me.
I would Pay Your Fee.

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Why not upload your app to the Kodular App Store?


Try publishing your app in Amazon App store, samsung galaxy store and apkpure… Also Kodular store.

Monetize your app … Get little money from it and get a play console.

Because I think its not good to publish your work in others play console as you need contact him and ask him for every update of your app.


I doubt anyone would take responsibility for your app on their development account. The risk is too high.

@aravind_chowdary_in made some great suggestions.


Whattt can I publish my apps there as well…


@Boban . Nope . everyone can except for you. Sorry. :slight_smile:

i will publish but after reviewing it​:v: and you have to mention me give credit?

Can you improve this app GUI, not much interesting :astonished:

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How is it possible to publish apps to galaxy store?

Just search on Google to get instant answer!

For galaxy store there is a requirement

  • you have to use anyone of the Galaxy SDK’s to publish the app.

i will publish it for 75% of the earnings from the app.! Deal?

@saurabhprodad @plang58 @twinkthakur18

you might want to read this


Sounds good :blush: but before publishing i will take care of everything,bdw i m nt going to do that now​:rofl:

this was and is a joke, i never will publish anything for others.

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Thanks For The Reply But my App Is Now Live !!!

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