Warning message when login

I am a Kodular user

Some time ago I used to login to Kodular. Later I created my proper account in Kodular. Using this way to login directly, I always receive a warning e-mail:

"Hi My, We have recently detected a new login to your Kodular account.

IP Address: nn.nn.nn.nnn

Location: near Mumbai, India

My IP address according to local network (control panel of windows) is different.

I believe there is no fraud attempt, just a confusing from my connection. These messages come exactly (and only) after login. How could I get rid of, since it is an annoyable matter to receive a lot of such warnings.

Thank you

I think this is normal. I always get these e-Mails too. Just ignore and delete them . By the way, you are aware that you are allowed to have only one account here?

No, I want both devices.

Please Help Me To Fix This.

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