Warning on Community 😐

This site is in read-only mode. You can continue browsing but some actions like answering or liking are not available for now.

Did someone else happen to this here in Community?

No, which browser you are using

I’ve seen that message a few times.
I figured it was updating or something.


I’ve also noticed that more than once.

Chrome Dev as always

That is not very serious message.
The message just tells that admin(s) has turned off almost all community features either to add new features or updating themes and plugins.

this message is generally seen when you are accessing the website from mobile device

but I have seen it so many times even browsing from laptop


Most of the time I browse community from mobile (real) and emulator (custom):sweat_smile:

That message appears when the site performs a backup, which is made daily



Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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