Water Reminder - A simple app that reminds you to drink water

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Water Reminder

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A simple app that reminds you to drink water.


Taken through :kodular: Companion on a :google: Chromebook

App Store/Download link:

Water_Reminder.apk (5.3 MB)

AIA file

Water_Reminder.aia (21.1 KB)

Happy :kodular:oding with :kodular:odular!



Great ! Does it work when the app is closed? In the background?

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It just uses the @Taifun alarm extension. The alarm can ring when the app is not open.

Also I followed this tutorial for :appinventor: but apart made it in :kodular: and made it all nice :slight_smile:


Okay, sorry I didn’t understand that it was to create alarms on the phone, I thought the application itself was going to send notifications ^^

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