Way2Sms : Use way2sms(sms4india) in your app


Finally that day came which I was waiting for two weeks.
Way2Sms extension helps you to implement Way2Sms features in your app.
And by using it you can save a lot of blocks and time

Last Updated: 2020-02-08T18:30:00Z
Latest Version: 2


Not so much blocks but still has 3 method blocks and 1 event block…
And some property blocks…


Not so hard to understand and use but a short documentation will make it better.

Sends message to the phone number.Both parameters need strings and phone number can be only one (no multiple phone numbers)
Note: Don’t forget to set ApiKey , SecretKey and UseType in properties otherwise you will spend my free sms count


Check available balance in account.


Your way2sms account statistics within two dates.
Note: Date should be in yyyy-MM-dd format.


Creates sender ID for a new account or an account which has no sender id


Universal response dispatcher.Response content got from all methods is thrown using this event block.

And others are property blocks which don’t need much introduction but I will post for them if someone needs.
Don’t forget to set your own credentials.

4.Extension/Aix file

Here are two download links:
Downlad Link1: Way2Sms.aix (18.8 KB)
Download Link2: Way2Sms.aix - Google Drive

And one download link which is shortened:
Download Link3: http://raboninco.com/21784285/way2sms-aix


Thanks to @ImranTariq and @parmarparth996 for testing this extension and giving their precious feedbacks.
Also a lot of thanks to @KodularCreator for this awesome platform.
Thank you very much.

6.Updates/Bug Fixes

ChangeLog Version 2

1. New blocks

2. Changes

  • Since Way2Sms has made some changes in apis so some minor changes were made in order to be compatible with latest apis.

Nice Extension for Indian user (to use Way2Sms in there apps) to send Sms to Subscribers of app, Nice Efforts by @vknow360 to Make Kodular Easy for Everyone. Best Wishes are With You.


One small problem that might arise.
It will not be able to send messages to DND Numbers.
Please check if it can.
Otherwise great work @vknow360

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Thank you.

Can you elaborate this more?
I have used documentation provided by Way2Sms so if there will be any issue then it will affect Way2Sms system.

Hi, @vknow360! :wave:

First of all, nice extension! :+1:
It will be easy for users who want to send sms from in-app, but do not know API. :+1:

These 3rd party SMS sending companies are blocked in DND mode.
That’s why, any bulk SMS company can’t send to DND numbers.

Thanks! :blush:


Thank you.
Then there is no solution for this.
Am I right?

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No any extension needed for this we can do this without extension

Sure you can.

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Rather than promotional route i use quick transnational route in fast2sms. Maybe there is a way to do that in way2sms
Docs from fast2sms

Thank you very soon Fast2Sms may come.


This extension is something like requesting to api for sending sms using Java.

Yes you are right.
Actually before this there was no extension for way2sms so I decided to make it.

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come in the private msg bro

Thanks for the solution which I was looking from days. Working with Stage ustype, planning to implement in my application with production keys.

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Hi @andro2master Welcome to Kodular Community

Glad you liked it :heart_eyes:

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Hey @vknow360 , Can I send free SMS through way2sms? I think you somewhere wrote that using a slow but free service(Way2Sms) is better than fast and premium service? And I agree with that, that’s why I am asking?

Yes you can but not with this extension as it needs generic api.
You should google for more info.


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It is for india only ?

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Is this only for Indian phone number
I mean can I use this globally like firebase authentication ?

And where can I get the unique API

this extention work with fast2sms ?