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We one Android Application introduced Islamic devotional talk and social activities in Malayalam, Kannada Arabic English, etc…
In this app, there are so many facilities to the world for clearing doubts about Islam and which is blended with tens of Moulid, Baith, Qaseeda, Mala, Swalath, Dikr, Aurad. the app can be used in an easy flow with User-Friendly UI, Responsive Layout, and many more.

This application contains:

☞Ramadan 2020- Malayalam and Kannada

☞ Thawba
☞ Manqoos Moulid
☞ Badr Moulid
☞ Sharrafal Anaam
☞ Muhiyaddeen Moulid
☞ Rifaee Moulid
☞ Ajmer Moulid
☞ C.M Valiyulla Moulid
☞ Thajul Ulama Moulid
☞ O.K Usthad Moulid
☞ Muhiyaddeen Mala
☞ Nafeesath Mala
☞ Qaseedathul Burda
☞ Badriyyath
☞ Haddad Ratheeb
☞ Asma-ul Husna
☞ Asma-ul Badr
☞ Ahlamu Swalath
☞ Swalath Thaj
☞ Swalath Kahf
☞ Multi-languages.(Kannada and Malayalam)



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I hope you will add english translation soon.

sure thank you for ur feedback

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Nice app. Keep it up. Are u from kerala?

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keep up the good work


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It’s for show thasbih name.

But now it’s under construction.