Web Editor - Modify Website As You want and Learn

Web Editor - Modify Website As You want and Learn

Describe your app:

My App is used for completely modifying any webpage with real-time results and support.


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AIA file

I will fix the bugs if any are and give it’s aia file to you all to study.

Guys please rate my app i really need you help
If you are a developer you will give me your feedback and rate the app

how u manage logins and accounts??

Not understood what exactly you asked

u created login with google in your app where do you manage the login details like email id which logged in your app

Oh that is of no use for now
For now i store it in tiny db
it is for upcoming update bro
It will store your edited webpages in the database and let you access it in the cloud section

And please tell me is this app is a copy i really need your help bro
A person in store is commenting fraud comments and told my app is a copy of a app
Please support me by rating your true review bro

and i am also providing the aia soon

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Just ask him there to link the app which he think that it is copy of…

Yes he have provided but the link in the app is a html editor and my app is a Web editor
My app let users edit any webpage and make a new one and also make a new webpage as a sandbox.
its not a app to write scripts and run it on their device.
But the problem is that he will not withdraw his review and now my ratings are very low and i can really use your review for proving the is mine so users can know its my app not copied.
Just rate it honestly no matter if you rated it 1 star.

Almost same thing happens to my app also.