Web view our blank space

Hello community, I have one index.html page in asset and i have loaded in webviewer. Everything fine here.

The index.html I have it inside a Vertical Arrangement with invisible property, when I click on invisible it shows the contents of the .html but with a large blank space at the bottom. The file I uploaded to Asset doesn’t show that space.

Which may be?



In css of html file fill background-color of parent div to red or any color and set height and weight to 100% then check that on companion and browser it takes complete screen or not

@ShaikhSajidAli Thanks for answering. Using your suggestion I get the following result.


Using a slight modification I get this one.


Video: https://youtu.be/PxNdwBQYaCo

Still the problem continues.

I’m still stuck with the problem, any suggestions?

Will I be including the url incorrectly?


Post your index.html here if you want

index.zip (2.5 KB)