Web viewer component

why web viewer component not play youtube video ?
becoz i dont want use youtube extension .
for example link are as Satte Pe Satta : Watch big stories of the day - YouTube,

That video is unavailable. Is that the video you’re trying to play in the WebViewer? If so, it won’t work because it’s unavailable.

sir just click that link & make sure it’s unavailable or not.
thats link are as Satte Pe Satta : Watch big stories of the day - YouTube

The video in this link is not available.

On my phone its not working. It only works on my laptop.

how tell sir
here that’s link play video , which are available on youtube .
for testing copy that link & open it with any pc browser

yes thats i was saying

Video is unavailable to play on the phone, even with Chrome. That’s either YouTube or Video’s Creator problem.

Try embedding this link instead:


I think that if you remove the videoseries section can work

thank its working now
& other solution got here
Why put on Youtube in App is not show but only voice

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Where did I make a mistake?
This link is not auto-playing.

https ://www.youtube.com/embed/?list=PLKD9IRjNEpXsWskCjYdAncrj1d1Sa14JL&autoplay=1&showinfo=1&controls=0
These links are auto-playing on the laptop
But not auto playing on the phone

pl guide me

Autoplay doesn’t work in WebViewers

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But my app is very simple. Take the key, if I take YouTube as well, then how will I use it? Because I want to set the Simply Playlist Home URL in the Web Vives Component. Would you have to do a YouTube API upyog for this? If yes, please use the YouTube API, I would like to give you 1 Example aia file.

Is this something you can use:

i cant use youtube extension as it takes only single video link and i have hundreds of videos so it will take time to develop with youtube extension

Web viewer component doesn’t work as expected. I just import an .aia file that work perfectly on others IDE and here don’t. I see excellent options in Makeroid but I really need that component very much. Hope it be solved.


on web viewer opens some web site side menu not working