Web viewer error at Kodular Fenix 1.5.2

when starts web viewer in new 1.5.2 version. an apk immideatly closes

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show your error through screenshots, your blocks… etc etc…

yes, please:

yesterday its worked good
but after upgrade give worst result
i cant use web viewer.
help please

Just a hunch.

  • Try if it works with a https page
  • Try changing the Creator’s language to English

This is minimun SDK not targeting SDK

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I doubt many people know the difference

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i understand now
but what can i do with webviewer now, i changhe language to english but it dont give result and this url works only with http :slightly_frowning_face:
ps: may be try to use external viewer?
main quession is how can i use web viewer now, he not works now

yes, you uneversaly right, but, my main problem is not works Web_Viewer whose close an apk when him self starts. Can yo help me with it?

Did you checked whether About Screen Title is empty or not ?

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Have you checked this very long list ? If yes either try using customwebview or post aia here


i must to say thank yo to all of you, i trryed to do everything wat do you tell me, but its not give me positive result. More than that i maked new apk and web viewer worked there, But when i do same screen on old apk yhis is not works. digit by digit absolutely same screen from old apk not works. And i delete screen on old apk and make new one, and now web viever works on my old apk.
its strange , but its works.
floating errors :slight_smile:
thank to all of you