Web viewer not loading some URLs

Describe your issue

Web viewer is not loading some URLs, if shows something for few second and then a white screen.

Steps to reproduce the issue

open this URL - Redmi Note 5 Pro - Buy Redmi Note 5 Pro Online at Low Prices In India | Flipkart.com

Expected Behaviour

should open all type of URLs

Actual Behaviour

showing a white screen

Webviewer is not a full browser.

ok… but is there any way to fix this…

It loads perfectly for me

@pavi2410 did you open the same link given above and where did you tested it… thunkable or makeroid.
coz i just found out that the web viewer on thunkable is able to load the URL i posted above.
but same URL is not loading on makeroid web viewer.

Mr @Peter can you pls explain why. i am a bit of confused here.

I tested webviewer on both platform and i think its a bug in makeroid web viewer, video test are given below

Makeroid test

Thunkable Test

Thinkable Not Open This Link…
UP Bhu Naksha

i think i also have this issue with some url’s

Thunkable Open This Link But Makeroid Not Opening.

i am also facing this issue on makeroid

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You can use chrome custom tabs for this

Your app didn’t pass our review for the following reasons:

  1. Security issue. Security software (tencent) detected that your app have a serious security risk. Apps that contain illegal (such as porn and personalities) elements in ads will be rejected.

but this problem also interface

this happen wen we use chrome custom tabs?

so… the web viewer on thunkable is a full browser…?? if not then why thunkable can load URLs but makeroid can’t…

coz i really like using makeroid and i want this to work on makeroid… but somehow its not working…

This problem has not been solved yet.
Many URLs are not being opening.

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try out yourself. i found many links working :grinning:

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