Web Viewer not scrolling down even if there is content to scroll and see

I recently created an app that opens and it worked completely fine but on my friend’s Oppo A57 which is not too slow and is actually quite good, the app that I created works like garbage and it won’t even let him scroll down to see all the things that are in the website.

I have a screen recording from him

My blocks
I don’t have any blocks on this specific screen because the website has a way to do everything I want to.

I meant to say “I recently made an app that opens a website…” Not what I wrote there

Please help

Can you try any other website and check?

Or it is happening with that website only ?

This doesn’t occur with other websites

What can I do about this? This problem started after the 1.5.1 update

Works Fine for me may be the issue is with that website only !!

I guess my website is the issue. But how did it work in the older versions if my website causes the problem. It could be a bug in Kodular.

But why doesn’t my Samsung have this problem when my friend’s Oppo has this problem?