Web viewer not showing home page

Hi, I searched the community to fix the issue that the WebViewer component does not show the home URL. I set my home URL like this: https://www.google.com/. I tried to fix it. It is still not showing in companion for whatever reason

None of those topics I searched for didn’t help at all!


and it is not showing in companion:

I have to fix this issue ASAP so I can work on other things
It will be fine if it cannot be fixed asap

Companion’s version ? For me it works fine

Companion version 1.5.3 fenix

For me works in companion with out problem

Create a test aia, put just web viewer component and set from designer’s properties home url to


See if problem persists. If not maybe something in your code is causing problem

Test aia is working fine.

Maybe when screen initialize something changes. Check your code

I checked the code. I don’t think it affects the webviewer:
This is the block in it. Actual app blocks screenshot: blocks (1)

If you wish post your aia to check it

Ok, aia file is:
WebBrowser.aia (15.8 KB)

Try this

WebBrowser_2.aia (15.6 KB)

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Thank you it works like a charm! can you please explain me how you did it?

So I can resolve it on my own later on :slight_smile:

I just replaced web viewer component :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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