Web viewer not working

Hello friends,

in my app, i am trying to use web viewer, but that is not working in my app, so how to i solve this problem ?

Same Problem

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What is the error? elaborate it.

i am not showing error. but when i type text in textbox and click on button there after no get any response

i see error in my app

Please show us how you are trying it.

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Can you provide some screenshots of your blocks?

Could you give the screen shots or .aia file to check your problem

Does your link have the following format “https://” or “http://” ?
If not try it out.

webviewer is not working under any layout. if you you have webviewer in any layout, so you remove layout and try after this , it working fine…

i was fetched this problem earlier, but then after solve it done…

I think you have to use block “call Web viewer home” after the setting visibility true