Web (xml text decode) block

hi every one
xml text decode block takes about 7 seconds to get the value
rss URL CNN Arabic RSS Feed
anyone know why this block takes all that time


You have some misunderstanding.
7 to 8 minutes takes for fetching rss feed from source not by this block to decode xml.
It depends on internet connectivity and server response timing


I was expecting this, but I wanted to make sure
Is there another way to get a news feed in less than 7 seconds from the same feed url?

No. You can do that make spinner when fetching news feed or use lottie its look great

High Speed Internet :slightly_smiling_face:


speed in Egypt 30 mp/s
Didn’t you hear anything about google sheet or Spreadsheet or airtable ? :smiley::thinking:
I think you forget to Suggest it to me, by searching I found that way

Those databases can’t help you reading Rss!

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i think rss feeds can automatically Importes into Airtable

It also takes same time to fetch from any database.
You can make a custom database in mysql or mongodb using nodejs and redis as a cache layer.
Fetch rss feed in nodejs nand save in any database and store a newest rss feed in acache.
From cache you get dat a in 0.7 to 1 or 2 sec

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i prefer lottie :smiley:.

Honestly, for me, it is not fast at all.


Oh ok.

I said 30, I didn’t say it is fast @WatermelonIce

what about tiny DB ??? :thinking: :relieved: :relieved:

i think tiny db will solve this issue
i’m working on that :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:

tiny db is a wrong way :upside_down_face: :disappointed:
the right way is
Zapier | The easiest way to automate your work | Zapier :smiley: :muscle: :v:

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