Webview Ads blocker

please help , I need Webview Ads blocker.

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I think its impossible with webview

if you are using your own website to views then you can turn off ads from website for mobile, but if you are using some one else website then you cant do anything.

android studio possible?

android studio possible

Short answer: no

If you are using the website of someone else and are trying to block their ads then you are doing something illegal.


could you explain in more detail what did you mean with “using”?

Display it in a webview inside your app.

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not possible, until ads turned off by owner of website.

So what does the ad blocker do?

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Adblocker is high level ethical hacking that blocks ads.
As i know learned some things to block some stuffs in website.

One thing is to use an ablocker to avoid ads in your general browsing, which (I think) it’s not illegal but some may say it is unethical. In that case the website owner can use an “adblock blocker” to not show the website to people using adblockers.

And a different thing is to grab someone else’s website, remove their ads and offer that ads stripped version of the website publicly. That’s very unethical and it will not be approved by Kodular nor Google Play. You shouldn’t even be asking for help about doing that.


I don’t think it’s unethical, on the contrary! If the website owners put OWN advertising on THEIR server, I would have little to complain about. Unfortunately, however, there are advertising servers that do nothing other than completely pees on every user with advertising and advertising and advertising and malware. I consider an ad blocker to be self-defense! At home I set up a pihole, since then surfing is possible again in normal mode. NOBODY on the planet can forbid me which content I show in MY browser and which I don’t. My 50 cents.

Nevermind: Hijacking someone’s content to put own advertising or blocking it, is not okay at all.


I agree on most of your statement. I use adblockers too. But if the owner of the website chose that web hosting, probably he or she knows about all the annoying ads they serve and probably they are actually paying for the hosting that way too. Anyways, I don’t want to steer the discussion far from the original topic.

I think this is the end of the story. :grin:


ha ha ha ha

you can block ads using clock, in url of the ads contains the …id… word, so you can just use timer after every 10 mili second check url contains text id if found then call web viewer go back… simply… try it. this will work…definitely…

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You can contact the owner of the site and tell them they have non-ethical ads. You can make an arrangement that you use an ad blocker and you put your own ads in and you give them the money.

many many thanks , please tell details

Really, I am listening this first time.
Url contains params are mainly for pagination and sometimes for post.
Eg kodular community has ending number with post reading and Currently focused

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