Webview component error with html code

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Webview issue with html code like below


Html code

My Problem in Redmi Note 5 Pro
But in Redmi 5 A shows correct

Apk File

It doesn’t even show anything on my device

MI A2 Lite running :android: Android :pie: 9.

Looks like a resposnive or dimensions issue.

Lookup responsive table designs, and see if that helps when you change your table structure.

I also can’t see anything.
Mi note 3 Android 8.1.0

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Is your screen set to scrollable or do you have your webview in a scrollable vertical/horizontal arrangement


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Maybe specified font is not available for these devices. And try using <font color=black> tag, maybe current device settings are overwriting your code.

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Not working

Thank you all
My problem solved by using Load Html event

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