Webview custom html with js css jquery not working

hello guys i used all the extension and also used taifuntools extension but doesnt work to display mine html file

I hope you don’t use codemirror or stuff like that otherwise the web view will show just blank screen. The web view in makeroid doesn’t work for some few javascript commands. But if you are not using codemirror or some selected javascript file i hope it will work. Just add your java and css file in asset file. But if you want to have output from custom html command i have half solution for that, The solution will work for all commands but not allow to show / use asset file. I am looking for some expert to solve that. If you like you can view that post over here: https://community.makeroid.io/t/webview-app-asset-help/10046

Hi, please put a sample Code aia file because the code must work
if you are using the jquery remotely you should keep in mind not to mix http with https

But. Same works on Thunkable


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What do you mean

It’s no use saying it works elsewhere. Makeroid isn’t elsewhere.

Yes they run on thukable and appybuilder web viewer but not on makeroid because makeroid have made their web view from changing something and fixing many bugs thats lets you do many thing even with custom package name like jspdf which is not possiblw with thunkable or appybuilder. I have asked some weeks ago about the problem and they said it is being fixed in version 1.2 which they are working on.