Webview Doesn't work with html link

I explain what I think it is, first of all it is not a pdf is an html, but I think as the html link is type : file:///, when I click it looks for an application that opens (file) and that I realized because in the AndroidManifest.xml Exists

And what the webview tries to do is look for an application that opens files:///, that’s why I get drive and the other application as suggestions, what I want is to make webview not try to open the link with an external application

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ok now i got it . you have html file link which you want to open in webview in your app only .

Yes Exactly that.

Sorry for my English, I’m using google translator

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please provide me your html file link .

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Inside the aia there is 2 html, what I want is that when webview displays an html, with a click inside the html go to the other html HTML.aia (10.3 KB)

HTML.aia (31.4 KB)

here try this…

It doesn’t work, I get this again


yup I got all your prblm. I am on work may if i solve it i will provide you aia.

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Thank you, I’ve tried to implement it in many ways and I can’t make it work

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please help me by answering my questions…

Okay what’s your question I don’t think I saw.

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First when you click on second page in webview then what happens…

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The link opens in webview successfully

Custom HTML On Webviewer [SOLVED]

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It’s not the same, if I see the index.html file very well, which is not worth it is when I click the link does not work

@adrianjael15 Hi, will it be okay if webviewer loads html from an external database?

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I want it to work offline, add the html inside asset and call them to each other using webview

So what is the problem you’re fetching now? Sorry, don’t mind that I asked this question! :hugs:

My webview doesn’t work when I click on internal link when trying to call another html

Please correct me if I am getting this wrong!
Suppose I am reading a Webpage… And, there are lots of links on Webpage … When I click on a link, it opens another page… And, you’re trying to do this same thing on a HTML file…
Am I right?