Webview Half Screen Issue - Kodular Fenix 1.5.1

Still Webview The problem is not fixed. I am using Samsung s8, android 9.

Have you connected the app to the Companion? If so, have you updated the Companion via PlayStore?


I just tried and it works for me.

Try clearing the Companion cache, it might work!

It still not work for me too

Then you get the same advise or you give more information about your app. Just saying it is not working doesn’t help.

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Kodular Companion updated to 1.5.1 Fenix via PlayStore?
I also had the problem earlier, but after updating Companion it was fixed for me.

Yes companion has been updated at Google Play Store

Just try to build and see if it works.

I uninstalled my companion and installed it again, it works now!

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Yea its working. Thank You for your valuable replies.

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