WebView is going extra back step?

Block That I Used :–

Problem That I have :–

I want that when someone go back and and get the site which starts on screen initialized and go to back screen - Hope i write it understandable

Thanks In Advance :pray:

I just opened gmail as sample site

did you try a search in the community?
for example


is it not opening btw it title is scrolling back i had problem of going back.

Put a timer that blocks multi touches
Its hard but possible.

not understand

He not mean that
He mean clicking back button at navigation bar

Put a varable then make it true
And put a timer that not fires again and 200ms interval

###Back pressed

If (canclick) then
Canclick = false
Clicktimer.enabled =true
do action
End if


Canclick = true

can you show me in blocks?

i have idea
fist set site to home site
when back pressed
if site = home
close that screen
go back

Sorry i am on phone

But i will send later

I was tried it before and it was worked

Wait i understand now i was didnt watch video

Your idea works for problem

Try this
blocks (2)

Thanks For Solving.
Can you explain me the logic!! I Still don’t understand logic :pensive:

BTW before i was thinking to use clock

like when back pressed then timer enable
and check that current url = about:blank
if true then go to home screen
go back

From our view google page is starting one
But from webview side that white page is starting page, so it still thinks it can go back from google to white page so else option didn’t trigger if only one step considered

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