Webview issues- Whatsapp,telegram redirect not working in apk!

I am using a full size webview along with deeplinks to display my website on mobile app. I have used a single screen with webview component and when i am testing it in kodular companion it is working fine.
I have share icons (https://shareon.js.org/) present on my page and if the user clicks on any of the share icon it goes to that app.
The functionality of share is working good in kodular companion and when i downloaded the apk it is not working.

Please do help me!

Pls show screenshots of your blocks or any video proof for your error

This is the screenshot of the blocks.

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Pls make sure this deephost extension fits with latest kodular update.

Don’t use web viewer to go back.

Also your logic seems to be harder to understand. You said on button to open what’s app. But here you put in screen initialise… and checking the url. Will the url contain that link really ??

Hi , mine is a website which contains articles of 10 pages size, which we display page by page. We have a crop and share option where the user can crop specific information from the page and share them on whatsapp and telegram.
For that reason i am initializing a webview page and using deeplink to navigate to whatsapp page when the button is clicked.

But unfortunately there is no such event in your image.