Webview selectable text

Hi everyone … another question.
In a Webview, the text can be copied / selected by default. Is any way to disable it?
In a long click the text is selectable, if the user wants “all” can by selected and copied.
I want to someway protect the text from be copied.


You can try using custom web view extension, and disabling longClickable property , so user can’t select the any text from the web viewer:


Hi. Thanks for reply.
I downloaded the extension. Seems a great job…

But how to use it?
I have a vertical scroll, inside it, have a web view. I tried the blocks show bellow, but it gives a error. I deleted the “old” webview and nothing is inside the vertical scroll (in the design screen). I saw an example similar to the one i put in image, somewhere.

Many thanks


Try using set web view block.
And try to use the extension in a vertical arrangement .

I find a simpler solution for my singular problem.
Jus add a css inline to the html element:

style =“user-select: none;”


Can you specifically show where to add css, I don’t have any idea about html


In the tag tha involucrates the text, in my code the div just after body.

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