WebViewer Backwards Android

Describe your issue

When I Sign In using Google with the WebViewer. 2FA shows on my phone and I get this…

It’s says diordnA 8.0.0 which is Android backwards. Is this an issue with 2FA or WebViewer because I’ve never had this happen.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • Try singing in with Google (enable 2FA)
  • See 2FA OS Version (backwards)

Expected Behaviour

  • Try signing in with Google (enable 2FA)
  • See 2FA OS Version (normal)

Actual Behaviour

Already described.

Show your Blocks

It’s just a WebViewer, not blocks.

Android version

Android 8.0.0

Isn’t it cool?

That’s because you turned on Desktop mode.



It’s really not Lol.

Yes because it I didnt feel like adding blocks to refresh at that point :joy:

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