WebViewer Bug with Maps

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WebViewer does not load maps
I had a personalized javascript google map and i tested with other plataforms. but does not work here.
this is the link
https://q2autolava2.com/Maps/Q2Map.html --> If you open in a browser will not show anything because has a Set and GetWebViewString Javascript method.

I tried with google maps link and dont work either. Google Maps

i dont have blocks, only url home parameter:

This is the WebViewer from AppyBuilder working.

I think that one of the problems could be not has https. plese check this!!!

Kodular Draco :dragon:
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No answer? :roll_eyes:

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With the lastest update in webviewer i found the cause for this issue with console log event.

i clear cache, enable location reset companion and still continue without load.
i hope to find the problem.

note: i use navigator.geolocation in javascript code

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Turn on “Prompt for location permission” designer property and use related blocks

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it doesn’t work.

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Me pregunto si esto lo arreglaran algún día? no he vuelto por acá porque prácticamente mi proyecto quedo parado por esto. No me sirve usar el mapa nativo.

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Sorry for the really long waiting time…
I finally fixed this bug for upcoming release.

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Thankyou so much! it works… this year i am going to promote kodular in my youtube channel.