Webviewer in the .apk does not scroll the website to the very bottom

my Webviewer in the .apk does not show the whole website, but in companion, the webviewer shows everything fine.

When I am scrolling down, the webviewer stops scrolling too early, when the en dof the page is not yet reached. But in companion, it works like wanted.

I do not understand this behaviour.

Is the webviewer fully displayed, or is it going off the bottom of the screen? If so, set the webviewer to fill parent.

Your suggestion does not fix the problem.

I think it’s due to a script embedded in the website. Always on Sundays, when the content changes (Matchday! With kick-off-time or later, with results) the page does not scroll down completely. This is only with webviewer, not in browsers on pc and not in companion.

Ok, it’s not the scripts. Regardless of the content I store, the page is displayed correctly in the companion and in every browser, the length of the page is limited in the .apk. What can that be?

Screen1 not scrollable
Vertical Scroll arrangement (height: auto)

  • WebViewer, shows a html random picture (heigth: 20%)
  • WebViewer, shows html content (heigth: auto)

I found out, that the use of vertical scroll arangement is the problem. Due to convenience it was easy to use it as general (any scroll arrangement a.s.o.). So I had to rebuild some blocks and now it works. If there is someone who can post this solution to check this as solved, because if I check solution in my own thread it looks weird.