WebViewer javascript to fill drag&drop image fields with URLs?


I am stuck with a small problem.

I want to use the WebViewer to load a site and automatically fill with some data using javascript.
The problem is that on some sites there are drag&drop image fields. How can I fill those with javascript?

I followed Taifun’s example App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Inject | Pura Vida Apps
to fill in normal text fields, but not sure how to achieve the same for drag&drop image fields.

Does someone have an idea?

Which website is the form in? Can you share the link here, please?
What do you want to fill the image fields with? An asset? Or will you be asking the user to pick a file using the picker components?

It is this one:


I want to put 2 images in the bottom 2 fields.

I would like to use images of my firebase. (I can use the URLs)