Webviewer local html


(Yusuf Deniz) #1

My app show local html on webviewer but on android <4.4 devices webviewer show blank screen i think its a bug.

I using only this block

       Webviewer_1.GoToUrl file:///android_asset/index.html

(Tech Nepal) #2

Same problem my webviewer shows white sceen in all android version using local html


(Pavitra Golchha) #4

@Yusuf_Deniz @Sawbeen Is this bug still there?

(Philipp Lang) #5

use only two // and not ///

(Philipp Lang) #6

maybethe api level is too low for that. you can use path to asset extension but normally you dont need it.

(Yusuf Deniz) #7

Idk i didn’t try for a long time (i have school exams…)