Webviewer scrolling error

Here my problem is that after installing the web viewer component whenever we scroll through it every time either the scroll is much long that the websites footer ends but scrolling goes on and displays a white screen.
Or sometimes it even doesn’t scroll and we can not reach the footer of the site

Plz help me

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I think you are using web viewer in vertical scroll arrangement.

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No i am not doing anything like this

You mean webview is not inside any container.
Then probably something is wrong with website.

No, there is nothing wrong with my site plz help it’s disgusting I am sharing a video.
Video link: Gofile

Why don’t you show screenshots of your designer and relevant blocks?

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If you have understood my problem than I will surely do that.
But as of now i am currently on mobile phone so i am sharing screenshot directly from my mobile:
Sorry for inconvenience :