🚀WebViewTools - Enhancing WebView Functionality with WebViewTools Extension 🚀 [FREE]

:rocket: Enhancing WebView Functionality with WebViewTools Extension :rocket:

Hey Kodular community!

I wanted to share a cool extension that I’ve been working on – the WebViewTools extension! This extension is designed to provide additional functionalities and control over the WebView component in your Kodular projects.


  1. :art: Customize the WebView appearance with functions like setBackgroundColor, setElevation, and more!
  2. :scroll: Dynamically manipulate the content using functions such as loadHtml, executeJavaScript, and more!
  3. :no_entry_sign: Control user interactions with features like disabling copy-paste, enabling/disabling JavaScript, and more!

Download the extension:
com.rasitech.webview.tools.aix (17.9 KB)

Example Block:
blocks (13)

List Block:

Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences using WebViewTools. Let’s make our WebView experiences even more awesome! :rocket:

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Please follow the naming conventions

PS: thread unlisted meanwhile

done updated!

please also update the screenshots
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maybe later i updated image on my post

Don’t worry… as soon as you are ready let us know, sowe can list your contribution again
Thank you…
Keep up the great work.


done, i updated

How to use this extension?

see this…

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Thanks, got it. So all these are js

yes… right