WebWiev File Dowland Help Me

Hello, I converted my site into an application with Webview, but I have a problem, when I press the link in the application, it opens in the application. When I press the link in the application, I want it to open with a separate chrome browser, how can I do it?

based on my understanding, check “external browser”

if anyother issues, then share screenshots or blocks

I need to open the Links of that page to open in the Phone’s Browser with some notification like “The link will open out of the App. Do you want to open the link in Chrome etc.?”- followed by two buttons- “Yes” and “Cancel”. If the user taps “Yes” the link opens in external Browser. Tapping “Cancel” puts the user in the webview and does not open the link.
Please help.

this is basic feature you can search in community, or watch a youtube video to learn how to do this